Mastering Quotes + Project Submission

Engineering Services Quote & Project Submission Form

Hello! Previously I used a Google Form for project submissions & quotes but over the years I have found it to be extremely unreliable with information getting buried and inconsistent notifications.

If you would like a quote for mastering, mixing, or tracking/recording,
please email me at with at least some of the following information:

  • Are you submitting this for a quote or as a project submission?
  • Contact Name
  • Artist / Band Name
  • Completion deadline
  • Release type:
    • Full-length LP
    • Short EP (roughly 2~3 songs)
    • Long EP (roughly 4~6 songs)
    • One single song
    • Other
  • Total length of recording (in minutes)
  • Number of songs
  • In a few words, describe the "genre" of your project
  • Does this record require an extra-fast or rush-turnaround of some sort?
  • Required deliverable formats (this info is mainly needed for mastering jobs):
    • 44.1kHz / 16-bit .WAV Files of Digital Master (simplest, most common form of delivery)
    • Vinyl Sides Master .WAV files to submit to pressing plant
    • DDP CD Master Fileset (for professional CD duplication)
    • Master .WAV files optimized for other analog audio formats (such as cassette tapes)
    • .WAV Files of Digital Master in highest resolution available (if applicable)
    • Masters delivered as additional digital file formats (FLAC, MP3, AIFF, etc.)
    • Final Delivery of all (or any) Masters on physical CD, DVD, USB flash drive, etc. via USPS
    • Other unlisted

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